When Unspool is ready for more people to use, there will be a beta testing period.

You can express your interest below. When the beta is ready, you will receive a TestFlight invite.

How do I contact you?

This is the email address I will send a TestFlight invite to. It doesn't need to be the same as your Apple ID, as long as you can open the link on your Mac. A throwaway address is OK.

How do you shoot film?

Which formats do you shoot?

How do you get scans into your computer?

And finally...

Privacy notice

Your email address and form responses will be used for administering the Unspool beta only. The only personally identifiable information collected is your email address, which can be a temporary/throwaway address.

Correcting or removing your personal data

Under the Data Protection Act, you may request a copy of your responses at any time, or ask for them to be updated or deleted, by emailing j [at] joro [dot] dev in confidence. Please keep in mind that if you used a throwaway address which you cannot email from, you will have to provide evidence that it’s yours before I provide you with your responses.

Once you have been added to TestFlight, you wil be able to remove yourself:

  1. Open the TestFlight app on your machine
  2. Click “Unspool”
  3. Scroll to the bottom, click “Stop Testing,” and then click “Stop Testing” again.

Who controls your data and where it is stored

The data controller is Jonathan Rothwell, and responses to this form will be stored on infrastructure controlled by Netlify.

Once the public beta has begun or Unspool has been released to the public more widely, this form and its data will be deleted. The TestFlight beta list will be the source of truth for beta testers, with the infrastructure controlled by Apple Inc.